Anonymous inquired Will you be posting to YouTube and Instagram while your in Canada or not until you return? Have fun on your holiday. Ty

The wifi we’re getting at some of the RV parks we’re staying at won’t connect to my camera to get the footage off onto my laptop - I have one of those stupid wifi cameras that can’t connect to a computer with a lead, it has to be via wifi. I’ll try and instagram a bit, but my phone is having trouble connecting to wifi too. However, I’m hoping next week I’ll have consistent wifi, so hopefully then I can maybe upload a couple of videos x

Anonymous inquired I can't believe you're in Canada. How are you liking it? Also, did you visit toronto? :) I live in toronto. I'm a huge fan of yours xx

I’m loving it! We came ten years ago and we visited lots of places along the East coast, including Toronto. But this time we’re going along the West coast. This week we’re driving around the Rockies and the Columbia mountains in a big RV. Next week we’re doing a cruise round Alaska, and then we’re spending about 5 days in Vancouver. So far it’s been amazing. The mountains I’ve seen have been some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen! x

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